Intelledgement, L.L.C.

Intelligent knowledge management

“ Knowledge is power.”

— Francis Bacon

Knowledge management consists of recording, organizing, and distributing information.

In past times, knowledge management technology was not as powerful as it has become. Thus many collections of information—the use of herbal medicine, the building of pyramids, the sailing of wooden ships—were inadequately managed and have in part been lost to us.

Today, knowledge management technology is very powerful. Yet as anyone who has endeavored to put together a sales proposal or a business plan for a growing organization can most likely attest, the available technology is not always deployed with optimal intelligence. The mere act of recording information does not guarantee it will be accessible to someone who needs it when they need it. If key details are missing—or even if they are present but hard to access—then there's the devil to pay. And it can be just as bad if sensitive information is erroneously made available to the wrong people.

Our mission is to help organizations to securely utilize modern knowledge management technology and techniques to maximum effect. You bring to the table people who are good at what they do. We can help them more efficiently leverage their combined knowledge. This makes it possible for you collectively to achieve things not only that no one could on his or her own, but that no other organization is likely to.

If knowledge is power, then intelligent knowledge management affords you more effective use of your power. We can help you to do what you do better, faster, and cheaper.